The Boston Molassecre

Note from the author: We’re interrupting our witchcraft filled schedule to bring you a piece of odd history from my home state. Consider it a morbidly sweet, 100th Post special treat. Corporate greed can often lead to some sticky situations, but only once has it caused a literal 25 foot high wave of molasses. The […]

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The Desert Peace of Westphalia

To some surprise, 1648 did mark the end of the war. On January 30th the Netherlands and Spain concluded the Peace of Münster, ending their almost eighty year old war. It’s hard to understate how strange that must have been for everyone involved, and the treaty’s signing helped speed the end for the rest of […]

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Hello! Welcome to Bartered History, the home for a series of history projects written by a hapless 20-something who usually had better things to do at the time.  I have always been fascinated by historical events, and this site was born out of a desire to study a variety of wars, impactful moments, and people in greater depth. […]

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