A Family Powershare

By the 1590s and 1600s the Dutch Rebellion cast an ever larger shadow into German affairs. Now into its third decade, the war had descended into a brutal holding pattern, and the Holy Roman Empire was key to the ongoing war. Now under the less able leadership of Philip III,[1] Spain’s choices for resupplying her […]

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The Henriad

The Reformation had also prompted some Catholic soul searching of its own. For many of the more liberal figures in the Church it finally gave them the momentum to push through some long cherished reforms. At several Cardinal’s gatherings, a cherrypicked few of Luther’s suggestions were adopted as a carrot for the faithful.[1] However, it […]

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King of Kings

Author’s Note: After taking a work related break, we’re back with the story of the Thirty Years’ War. This is our first dedicated post on the topic, but it’s not really where the story begins. For that, it’s best to start here. And then go here. We’ll still be here when you get back. As […]

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