The End is Nigh(ish)

For Kerssenbrück and other Catholics living in Münster, 1533 must have been an unsettling year. The newcomers wore their loyalties openly, including “a certain tall, fat, blind man who had been born in Scotland”.[1] In response any Catholic with means and a bit of foresight grabbed what they could and slipped out. As demographics shift, […]

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Entitled Millennials

Like many groups before them, some Anabaptists now believed that the Christian apocalypse was imminent, and they needed only to wait a short while longer before the judgement of their Lord descended. One of this new generation of Anabaptists actually claimed to know when and where the end of the world would start. It would […]

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God’s Communists

While Luther argued for a spiritual change, it didn’t take long for others to link the Reformation to changes they longed for in the temporal world. One of the more radical thinkers to crop up on the scene was Thomas Müntzer. Originally a disciple of Luther, Müntzer quickly wandered away from the man he later […]

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A Revolutionary Protest

Author’s Note: I wouldn’t normally start with a preface, but this story is quite different from the others Bartered History has covered so far. I hope you’ll all stick with me as we dive into a more obscure and darkly fascinating story. Since images of the period are understandably rare, expect to see about 30 […]

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The Price of Empire

Amidst a backdrop of terror strikes by the OAS and the FLN, an army crackdown and stuttering negotiations, the final year of the Algerian War blurred the loyalties of French and Algerian alike. By 1960, some leftists had formed a covert group to support FLN activities called the Jeanson Network. It had even attracted the […]

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