General Discontent

In December 1960, a spontaneous riot in the major Algerian cities in support of the FLN caught everyone, including the FLN by complete surprise. Like an iceberg, most of the Muslim population’s sympathies had stayed out of sight. Hearts and minds had mostly not been won, and no amount of promises could gloss over the […]

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I Have Understood You

On May 28th, De Gaulle decided to break the deadlock and announced he was “in the process of establishing a republican government capable of assuring the unity of independence of the country”.[1] This came as a complete surprise to Pflimlin and the coalition, who hadn’t agreed to anything like that, and to Salan and Massu, […]

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Operation Resurrection

What became known as the May 1958 Crisis was actually the result of several conspiracies, spun together by the Algerian War into a political hurricane. As the presumptive Pflimlin government began to take shape and the rumblings of the army grew louder, one of the groups that took careful note of the situation were the […]

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The Battle of Algiers

The entire Suez Crisis was another sign of just how invested the French were and continued to be in the Algerian war, which continued right on escalating in bizarre ways. In January 1957, feeling that the current General Salan wasn’t fully on their side, someone fired a bazooka round at his window. Salan survived, though […]

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Trouble in the Suez

As the partners of torture and humanitarian outreach continued their paradoxical waltz across Algeria, the ALN was beginning to lose ground. Abbane was worried. Though nominally enemies, the FLN had even been contacted through intermediaries by the Republican Front, who wanted to negotiate the end of the war now that they had an upper hand. […]

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