The Guy for the job

In the aftermath of Philippeville, the FLN had established itself as the somewhat disputed face of Algerian resistance to France. As there were still other contenders to the job description, the FLN set about removing them. Over the next two years, Ferhat Abbas and almost every major Algerian voice was absorbed into the FLN fold, […]

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A New Front

The original architect of the FLN was in some senses Messali Hadj, the now twenty year veteran of nationalist campaigns who had little to show for it.[1] His newest party the MTLD was still mostly chasing independence through direct action and the ballot, but Hadj was aware the younger generation was frustrated by his approach. […]

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Purge Party Politics

While Sétif and Guelma was hardly the best way to usher in the post war era, neither de Gaulle nor the French leadership had neither the time nor inclination to process the incident. For one, similar outbursts of violence in Tunisia had caused a diplomatic incident with the British, and French troops had fired on […]

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