Oh, Canada.

On the other end of the spectrum from legitimate grievance rested a major drive for most wars, naked opportunity and territorial hunger. Since the days of the Revolution, the Thirteen Colonies had regarded Canadian annexation as something of an inevitability. The hat of North America was currently holding roughly half a million inhabitants to the […]

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Tecumseh and Tenskwatawa

War Hawk ideals were also driven by less noble concerns than impressment, including an open hunger for lands currently occupied by the British supported Native American tribes in the northwest. For the British, the choice to back many of these tribes was simply a practical one that gave them easy access to the lucrative fur […]

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The Leopard Pounces

As Louisiana merged fitfully into the United States, tensions between the newly enlarged nation and the powers of Europe were rising to a head. 1803 marked the end of the Peace of Amiens, and the resumption of the battle royale between Napoleonic France and the major powers of Europe. Under the energetic leadership of Prime […]

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The Louisiana Purchase

Fallout from the Haitian Revolution brought more than just refugees to Louisiana, it played a major role in the best real estate deal in American history. By the 1790’s, the fledgling United States had grown accustomed to having Spain as their western neighbor. Not only were the Spanish an established ally, but they had granted […]

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Refuge from War and Revolution

New Orleans soon became a home for many groups that had nowhere else to go. The first major influx of refugees to stagger into the city and its surrounding waterways were the former French inhabitants of Acadia. Much of the French colony had been ceded to the English in 1710, following another chapter in the […]

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