A Hole New World

Though it would be a stretch to say the next few years were peaceful, the next fifteen years were decent for Boer-British relations. Then one day in 1867 an African shepherd looked down at the glittering rock he found near the Cape/Orange Free State border and the whole region went ballistic. Diamonds had been found, […]

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Founding Cape Colony

The story of what became South Africa starts at its geographic end. The Cape of Good Hope is the southwestern tip of the continent, the point where the Indian and Atlantic oceans meet along a notorious stretch of open water prone to high winds and violent waves. For thousands of years the region was home […]

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Hello! Welcome to Bartered History, the home for a series of history projects written by a hapless 20-something who usually had better things to do at the time.  I have always been fascinated by historical events, and this site was born out of a desire to study a variety of wars, impactful moments, and people in greater depth. […]

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